Jungian Psychoanalysis

Andrew Fellows PhD

Central BERN
Central ZÜRICH


Many people feel overwhelmed by unwelcome or traumatic events, neurotic suffering, or the stresses of modern living. Some experience a strong need to gain insight into their lives, or are distressed by a lack of meaning and purpose. Others are simply curious about their dreams, and seek professional help in understanding them. These are just some of the issues which, often in combination, bring people into analysis.

Analytical psychology was developed by C.G. Jung to take into account the conscious and unconscious complexities of individuals and society, and to examine personal issues in the context of current life situations. Through analysis, you may gain insight into your behaviour, feelings, thoughts and experiences.


Analysis aims to foster a process of personal growth which Jung called individuation; its goal is wholeness – a well-rounded and fully developed personality – not perfection (or individualism!).

The object with neurotic suffering, such as burnout, conflict, low self-esteem or mid-life crisis, is not to reveal a supposed root cause, but to establish a connection between consciousness and the unconscious that generates enough inner energy to break out from a seemingly inescapable pattern. So although other people, past traumas, and suffering such as loss or ill health cannot be changed, the way you feel about them, and yourself, can be radically transformed. It is therefore vital to listen carefully to indications from the unconscious, and especially to pay attention to your dreams.


Jungian analysis is normally conducted face to face at a comfortable distance, just like in everyday conversation (the iconic couch is a Freudian invention!). I ask you to write down your dreams and email them to me in advance so that I can study them before, and give them my full attention in, our session. Any notes that I may take are confidential, anonymous and secure.

My “analytical hour” is a full 60 minutes; longer sessions are also possible. My fees are fair, with discounts for genuine financial hardship.

I find that living close to nature is inherently healing, so offer the option of analysis in an undisturbed setting outdoors. Please let me know if you might be interested in this, or in online sessions via Skype, FaceTime or VSee.


(You only pay if you decide to continue)


BERN: About 2 minutes walk from Bern SBB. Entrance between Yamatuti and Dreams (sic). Ring the Shiatsu Paradiso doorbell, go through the glass door at the back of the passage, and take stairs or lift to first floor.

ZÜRICH: About 8 minutes walk from HB, or tram 4 or 15 to Rudolf Brun Brücke; Central is also nearby. Entrance below a prominent white sign "Dr. med. Marina Boban". Ring the Praxis zum Innenhof doorbell (second up).