Jungian Psychoanalysis

Andrew Fellows PhD

Central BERN
Central ZÜRICH


  • Broad life experience which helps me to empathise and grounds me with a modicum of common sense.
  • Analytical experience with people from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, often helped by familiarity through travel with their cultures.
  • A better sense of humour than the photo suggests!


I have consistently found dream interpretation to be of great therapeutic value. Likewise the I Ching, which I continue to study and use, offers another way to see the underlying forces at work in your situation, and formulating the question carefully is in itself helpful.

I am particularly concerned with the mid-life transition, which can be a period of painful upheaval and uncertainty, but also a great opportunity given the right attitude.

I am also interested in Jung's typology, which has helped me to understand myself, and am a certified Gifts Compass advisor (I also edited the accompanying book).



I am British, was born in 1955 and grew up in London, and am married to a Japanese Jungian Analyst with whom I share my practices. I have one daughter, born in 1989, from my previous marriage in Scotland.

My eight years of full-time Jungian training included hundreds of hours of personal analysis to cultivate a healthy and active relationship with my own unconscious. It also included three months of clinical internship in England where I helped both in- and out-patients with diverse psychological disorders under the supervision of two consultant psychiatrists. This experience has familiarised me with diagnostic principles and equipped me to work alongside psychotherapists or psychiatrists if necessary.

I teach at ISAPZURICH, where I am a Training Analyst and Director of Program, and have also lectured in Europe, Japan and America. Like most Zürich-trained Jungian Analysts, my academic background is outside medicine or psychology. I hold a Doctorate in Applied Physics from Durham University, and previously enjoyed two decades of international professional engagement with renewable energy, sustainable development and environmental policy. My book Gaia, Psyche and Deep Ecology: Navigating Climate Change in the Anthropocene, for which I have created a companion website, was published by Routledge in March 2019, and was a joint winner of the Scientific and Medical Network 2019 Book Prize.


International Association for Analytical Psychology

The IAAP is the global organisation, founded in 1955, for over 3,000 Jungian Analysts. I have been a member since 2010, lectured at its 20th triennial International Congress in Kyoto in 2016, and again at its 21st in Vienna in 2019.

Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists

I joined AGAP upon graduating as it is closely connected with both institutions where I trained in Zürich. It is a founding member of the IAAP, currently has over 500 members from 14 countries, and organises its own conferences and events.

International School of Analytical Psychology Zürich

I am a Training Analyst and a regular presenter, and serve on its management board (ISAP Council) as Director of Program. My Letting Go of Success lecture delivered at its 2014 Jungian Odyssey, was published by Spring Journal Books in 2015.

Psychologischer Club Zürich

I am proud to be an active member of this illustrious institution, which was established by C.G. Jung himself in 1916, because I feel it is the heart and soul of classical Jungian psychology. I was also employed there for three years as a librarian.

International Presentations

I have lectured in Europe, Asia and North America on topics including the stages of life and the mid-life transition, re-enchanting the world, and synergies between Jungian psychology, systems and Gaia theory, the Pauli-Jung conjecture and deep ecology.

Ongoing Research Activities and Interests

I am a member of the Society for Mind-Matter Research, the Scientific and Medical Network, and advisor to both the Galileo Commission and the Pari Center, all of which bridge my past and present careers in the search for new paradigms.